Rohit Ji Thakor is a strong pillar between the public and the government his active decision-making ability helps the government body to execute the actions seamlessly.


To carry out a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. Such optimistic change is brought up by Rohit Ji Thakor’s vision. A significant leader and a strong representative of the ruling party is the epitome of inspiration for several young leaders.

He firmly believes that the utopia for a better tomorrow can be achieved simply by doing better for the people. His values are pure and oriented towards the development of the nation. Rohit Ji Thakor was born in Ahmedabad, a city that is famous for diamond cutting. No doubt, we’ve got a pure diamond out from there in the form of Rohit Ji.

Belonging to a family background known for trade, he has already explored multiple businesses in the field of Agriculture, Real Estate and he is also an owner of Jaishree Maa Kaali Dairy Farm. Not just that, Rohit Ji Thakor has achieved multiple milestones in his career. He is an esteemed member of several wellness groups and an organizer of various social awareness campaigns.

Most importantly, Rohit Ji Thakor is an Honorable President of Thakor Samaj Kelavani Trust, Gujarat. Also, the Pioneer of “Shri Mahakali Thakor Samaj Jagruti Abhiyan Rath.” With the inspiration from his beloved father “Late Shri Chanduji Somaji Thakor” and with the blessings from his mother “Late Shri Maniben Chanduji Thakor,” he has led huge events and major amendments.

To calm down the sufferings of the pilgrims, he provided an entire marble pathway. For the last 25 years, the ‘Bholenath No Sangh’ has provided pilgrimage and Darshan to thousands of persons from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the month of ‘Shravan’, all because of Rohit Ji’s benign presence.

Moreover, He’s also given the Chandanmani Chatralay in Alampur, Gandhinagar, a generous donation of 51 lakhs. Rohit Ji clearly understands the importance of education among the youngsters, therefore, he is willingly investing his time and effort to uplift the infrastructure and set a role model for students.

Rohit Ji’s strong aura and presence are reflected clearly in the 2012 elections where he dominated the entire event by gaining 58746 votes and securing an insane percentage of 49.45 plus, he headed a seven-day election tour in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

Now, let’s talk about some major contributions to society from Rohit Ji’s end. He has actively participated in all the nationwide campaigns such as Digital India, Start-Up India, Make in India, and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Received immense blessings and love from the first citizen of India, maintained consistent support, and kept well-coordinated relations with Union Ministers and officials.

To reduce the stress of marriage expenses, he initiated the practice of “Samuh-Lagna”, also held various awareness activities, and contributed financial support for the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign. More to mention, he selflessly served with relief materials and supplies, to the flood victims in Gujarat.

Rohit Ji Thakor is a strong pillar between the public and the government his active decision-making ability helps the government body to execute the actions seamlessly. Rohit Ji Thakor is a true role model for many aspiring leaders. He is always striving for the welfare of society and making decisions that will result in long-term transformation for the country.


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