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Learning Disabilities Students Need Special Assessments

The “Every Child Can Read” campaign, a flagship initiative by the Delhi Education Department, embodies a concerted effort to address the educational needs of students grappling with learning disabilities. At its core, the campaign introduces “Project Smile,” a comprehensive endeavour aimed at providing tailored assistance to these students.

A pivotal aspect of the initiative involves the meticulous identification of non-reader students, a process facilitated by the widespread implementation of Mission Buniyaad across all Delhi government schools. Through this program, educators employ various assessment tools, such as “Kahaniyan hi Kahaniyan” and “Hamara Ganit” to evaluate students’ proficiency levels in language and mathematics, particularly those in Classes 3 to 9.

Upon identifying students in need, the initiative offers a structured support system. Daily activities meticulously designed to strengthen reading and writing skills in Hindi/Urdu and basic mathematical competencies are incorporated into the curriculum. Additionally, specialized materials are provided to facilitate learning, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention.

In the assessment phase, the remarkable outcomes reflect the effectiveness of the program. Over the academic year, a significant number of students, approximately 75,000, have achieved fluency in reading their textbooks, while an additional 90,000 have mastered basic mathematical operations. However, despite these strides, there remains a substantial cohort, comprising approximately 2.5 lakh students in Classes 6 to 8, who require continued support in achieving grade-level proficiency.

To complement the academic interventions, counselors specializing in Educational and Vocational Guidance Counseling (EVGC) conduct IQ assessments, employing psychological evaluation tools such as the DALLY test. Subsequently, individualized plans are devised, leveraging the expertise of special education and language teachers to initiate targeted interventions.

The success of the “Every Child Can Read” campaign extends beyond academic metrics. It underscores a broader commitment to inclusive education, emphasizing the importance of addressing learning challenges and fostering an environment where every student can thrive.

Moreover, the campaign’s impact transcends regional boundaries, serving as a blueprint for similar initiatives across the nation. By prioritizing the needs of students with learning disabilities, such programs not only empower individuals but also contribute to the collective advancement of society.

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