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“The purpose of math is not to add or subtract, but rather to learn to think”

Image Credit: Pexel by Max Fischer

Why do we see mathematical concepts like (a^2 + b^2 = c^2 ) in everyday life? While most people may not directly use this theorem, professionals such as architects, scientists, and designers frequently rely on such mathematical underpinnings in their work. It’s not as much about applying the theorem as it is about understanding the concepts it embodies and how they appear in diverse applications.

Why, therefore, is mathematics stressed to the exclusion of all other subjects as the only source of knowledge? What is its actual nature? Beyond simple arithmetic processes, mathematics serves as a foundation for critical thinking. It teaches us how to approach issues methodically, making use of our prior expertise to successfully take on new tasks.

Think about the things we do every day, like driving, cooking, or talking. We continuously evaluate the circumstances, make use of our knowledge of many components, and adjust as necessary. Similar to this, we use formulae and well-known facts to answer issues in mathematics. It’s a talent that works in a variety of fields.

In the field of education, there is more to tasks like illustrating that a figure is a triangle than meets the eye. They give us pause to consider our presumptions and acknowledge that outward looks might be deceitful. A sceptic and exacting mindset are fostered by mathematics and are vital for negotiating in a complicated environment.

While acknowledging the significance of soft skills, we mustn’t undermine the importance of mathematical literacy. Mathematics serves as a universal language, indispensable for comprehending algorithms and unravelling the mysteries of our digital age.

In essence, mathematics isn’t just about numbers—it’s about honing our ability to analyze, problem-solve, and think critically. It equips us with invaluable tools for both academic pursuits and real-world challenges, making it an indispensable aspect of education and human endeavour.”

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